Friday, August 21, 2009

Scene Two, Legend

A pair of feet (Gabriels), walking. The camera pans it's way up to his face as he narrates, pausing only as he passes a sign that reads You Are Now Entering Moulton Please Drive Carefully.

Gabriel: There is a legend about the town I live in that everybody knows. It says that once, way back in the medieval ages, vampires were all over the world. That those years were called the Dark Ages because the vampires destroyed anything that criminalised them, or even mentioned them. Then there was an uprising, a rebellion, and humans murdered the vamps in masses, taking revenge for their losses. The part of the legend that keeps our small town interested is the part that says the vampires made a treaty with the humans, letting them stay alive in one place in the world. The place they chose? Moulton, Lincolnshire, population of two thousand six hundred and seven, and falling. Tourists looking for creepy folk stories come to Moulton, and find one chip shop, one pub and a church. Dramatic.

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