Friday, August 21, 2009

Scene One, Attack

Song: El Manana by The Gorillaz.
Credits. A pair of feet clad in rough, medieval shoes are walking. As the credits end, the feet stop and a twig snaps. The camera pans up his body as the song Hell Above the Water by Curve starts. The man begins to run desperately, scared. He is followed by what looks like a liquid shadow in human form (a vampire), that races along beside him. The man vaults over a hedge, rolling out of the fall. We catch our first glimpse of the vampire as it jumps the hedge after the man, falling on it's feet in a crouch. The man has broken a leg in the fall, and holds up a hand as the vampire nears him. He tries to scream, but it is cut off as the vampire grabs him and bites into his neck. The man thrashes, then falls still. The vampire drops him, steps over him and walks away, disappearing into the shadows. A close up shot of the dead mans blank eyes, then the camera pans up and settles on the night sky.

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