Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Characters

Boy: Main character. Must be likable! Is fastminded and footed, alert, big-city boy in a small village.

Boy's friend and/or sibling: Dies! Equally fast, sharp, get's into argument with boy and storms out to die.

Old man: No estimate of age. Character jokes about him being around in the vampiric times. Is fast, especially for an old man, can fight and is less frail than he looks. Has links with important people. Wife = killed by vamps.

Lady: Comes back to village for revenge on vamps, who killed her mother and also her fiannce. Is dominering, powerful, angry. Lethal.

Vampires: Dark, shadowy, sallow skinned with wild hair and eyes. Like a heroin junkie that's seen better days. Powerful, but not beyond death by human hands. Thin.

Extra fighters: Come with lady. They have all lost people to vampires, and want revenge.

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