Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scene listings with songs

Titles: (Night) 1800's feet (man) walking, El Manana by The Gorillaz. Fade out.

Scene One: (Continuation)Twig snaps. Hell Above Water by Curve. Man spins, begins to run. He is chased by vampire. Man jumps over hedge, PK rolling to a stop in a crouch. Hidden men spring up on vampire as it leaps over the hegde, and begin to tear it apart. Scene ends with camera shot of the night sky.

Scene Two: Day. Boy walking. Shots of feet clad in Converse, camera works it's way up to his face. Narrative about town legend.

Scene Three: Introducing boys sibling/friend. They pass an old man, who warns them not to go out at night. He knows about the vamps, and tells people. They think he's mad. Narration.

Scene Four: Night-time. Shots of movement in the dark. The two friends are making their way back to their homes. They pass a tree that has three long, deep gashes marked into it. They ignore it, carrying on their way. As the second friend makes it home, a low hiss is heard, and a shot of dark, shadowed eyes pearing out from a hiding place closes the scene.

Scene Five: School. The school has a tall, imposing fence. The kids joke about it, until one kid mysteriously remarks how it is to keep things out, not in.

Scene Six: A hunt, night-time. Shadowy figures follow a young jogger, running after her. She is oblivious, IPod plugged in. It is playing loud rap music. The figures dart along beside her, hiding behind trees and other foliage. A wide-shot shows two of the figures directly behind her, then a close-up shows a mouth wide open with razor-sharp teeth and two long, shining fangs moving closer to the joggers sweaty neck. A curtain twitches, showing the old man from before. He looks at the scene, crosses himself and closes the curtain. While the shot is still on the curtain, we hear a scream. End shot: an IPod clatters noisily to the ground, still playing music. One drop of blood drips lazily onto the edge of the screen.

Scene Seven: A news sign swings in a breeze. It reads: 'Disappearance Number Six: A Coincidence?'. The two friends walk past it, discussing how weird it is. They near a churchyard. The old man is sitting on a bench, and speaks up when they pass. He says 'It's happening again. They're back.' and the kids sit down by him, asking what. He tells them about the vampires. They think he's nuts.

Scene Eight: (Night-time)Friend/sibling departs from the house after an argument with the boy. She is followed by shadowy figures, who wait until she is in a small park to strike. The boy, who is chasing after the girl to apologize, finds her lying in the park, her eyes glazed and her skin white. Song: My Immortal by Evanescene.

Scene Nine: (Continued song.) Funeral. A vicar says prayers at the front of the church, while the boy stares at the casket that holds his friend. At the back of the church sits the old man. As the boy leaves they make eye contact. The old man nods.

Scene Nine: Boy visits old mans house. He says he believes him, and wants revenge. He wants to stage the second vampire masacre. The old man phones someone, and takes the boy to his basement. It is filled with vampire-killing equipment. (Song: Brianstorm by The Arctic Monkeys.) A knock on the door interupts their planning. It is a women dressed in leather, flanked by four people. She has come to kill vamps.

Scene Ten: (Night-time.)The boy goes out as human bait, and repeats the actions of the opening credits. Except this time when he jumps and rolls over the hedge, he picks up a sword and starts to fight.

Scene Eleven: Big battle scene. MUST FIND MUSIC.

Scene Twelve: Wrap-up. Let's all be imaginative and say this can come last, hey?

End credits: Emergency by Paramore

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