Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scene Three, Old Man

Gabriel carries on walking through Moulton, stopping at a tall house and ringing the bell. Sounds: Children skrieking, adults yelling.
A girl opens the door, and beams at Gabriel.
Gabriel: (Narration) Meet Eden. An orphan, she's the smartest person I know.
Eden: (To Gabriel) Took your sweet time! There's fifteen bloody kids in there, and you take your time doing what?
Gabriel: Sorry. I was just... thinking.
Eden rolls eyes. Both leave orphanage and go to sit in the park. It's nearing dusk. Both are lying on grass, looking at the stars. An old man hobbles up to them; he's wearing tatty clothes and has a beard.
Old Man: Hey! Hey! Get home, children! It's not safe to be out this time of day -- quick, before the sun turns it's protective back on us!
Gabriel: (Narration) This is Reuben, the towns resident nutcase. He believes the vampire stories. Eden thinks he's creepy -- it's true, he's a complete weirdo.
Eden: (Mutters)Come on, let's get out of here.
Reuben: Good girl! You don't want to die to the hands of demons, child!
Gabriel: (Still narrating) Completely, absolutely mad.

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