Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scene Six, Jogger

Shot: Trainers running. A blonde jogger is running rhythmically, her feet pounding to a beat as her pont tail swings. Shot: runner's sweaty neck. The song Ghetto Gospel by TuPac is playing in her ears, from an iPod. Three shadowy figures are following her rapidly, darting through the shadows. She is oblivious. A wide shot shows two of the figures behind her, as a third drops out of a tree. The camera returns to the runner's neck, but this time a vampire's mouth is open wide behind it, fangs bared. Shot switches to Reuben, who lives across the street. He pushes his curtain back and watches the first vampire sink it's teeth into the back of the joggers neck, it's arm pinning the victim close. He turns away from the scene, letting the curtain fall shut, and crosses himself. He walks away as a shot is heard. Shot cuts back to the street. An iPod falls to the floor silently. A drop of blood falls onto the edge of it lazily.

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